AI Application

We develop AI applications using Computer Vision which can provide solutions to business problems where we want untiring human eyes (Cameras) to see the violations, defects, anomalies or monitor continuously without any break and untiring human brain (AI applications and machines) to work 24x7 on the images/videos provided by the eyes. Our expert team of Data Scientists write algorithms for any problem which can be stated by the client with expected results. For non-computer vision solutions we have a large pools of independent Data Scientists.

Data Labeling /Annotation

Salasar Data Labeling services enable you to build your ML/AI products with high quality data labeled/annotated by us. We provide the following data labeling/annotation services ON PREMISES and online:


We annotate/Label the data as per requirements:

Bounding Boxes
Text Labeling
Labeling Text etc.

Model Training

If you have the training data, our experts will write the algorithms for Machine Learning. We can even provide assistance in data acquisition in source is available


About 48,000 workers die in India due to occupational accidents of which 38 fatal accidents take place every day in the construction sector alone. So, Safety of workers is of paramount importance. Every organization should have “Zero Incidents, Zero Injuries” policy. This can be achieved if all personnel at sites wear Safety Equipment/Personal Protection Equipment (PPE); helmets, fluorescent jackets, goggles, gloves, shoes, harness, life wires etc.

But there are many problems with current enforcement of PPE compliance such as, People either forget to wear the PPE or are negligent. The Safety Personnel responsible for compliance are too few on the sites. Safety Personnel are also humans, being vigilant always on everyone on the site is humanly not possible.

So, to help Safety Personnel and Safety Compliance, SNAT has developed - Salasar AI Suraksha which is an artificial intelligence tool to improve the safety on the sites, it is a video/image recognition system. Existing CCTV cameras or cameras installed specially for the purpose in plants/factories/sites send continuous video streams to AI machines trained to detect PPE violations. An alert is immediately sent to the designated personnel, the moment any violations are detected or periodically as required. The designated personnel can then ensure the compliance and reduce the accidents consequent upon violation of PPE Compliance.

The Purpose Is not to punish people who are not wearing the correct PPE. But to increase the level and awareness of Safety on site to create the safest possible work environment for everyone at all the sites. To completely eliminate the human input freeing up time for staff to focus on other key areas of health and safety.

AI Skill

We have designed AI courses to train School students, College Students, Programmers etc. We can customize the courses based on the requirements from Customers from Government and Corporates. We are open for any kind of collaboration for Skill Development Projects.


We in collaboration with our parent company Salasar Techno Engineering Limited can take up any IT/Telecom project and are also open for joint business acquisition and execution with any organization of repute in India and abroad.


We provide AI hardware platforms from NVIDIA, IBM, HP, Cisco, Lenovo, Logipix etc. to provide total AI solution.


We provide surveillance solutions in critical areas like critical infrastructure, international borders, critical events, city surveillance, school buses, stadiums, healthcare. The solutions are in-house as well as from partners.


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